Most creative practices seem to form through a prescience, developed before language, and therefore the anxieties of difficult times - such as those we currently face - may manifest through a type of unconscious ‘knowing’. But also, it may be that apprehensions or anxieties that are formed through art could be viewed as productive and beneficial, as motive forces - forces that intensity reflection and precede awareness.

Perhaps art is an essential visioning apparatus to understand what we are in, assisting through the forming of conceptions and possibilities. Although art emerges from the times, it is not always understood during those times or indeed throughout the act of creation. In my practice I find that the need to make images that are both of the world and are not of the world (mediated instead through my own unconscious as they form on the canvas) has gained a new urgency during COVID 19, leading me to understand more profoundly the relationship between image-making and feeling.

Peter Westwood, 2020
Photography: Simon Strong

© Peter Westwood 2020