Procession, 1992

Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne

Our world is a place of speed and confusion, promoted through accumulations of excessive information. As a consequence, we also readily discard, continuously overriding information, only to replace it with more. Paradoxically racing faster, accruing additional information and data, we are nonetheless embedded amongst the deposits of historical debris that form via each successive and incremental layer. There have been no other periods where human beings have moved with this degree of pace or existed within such a chaotic and multilayered sense of being.

As we thrive in the modern state of ongoing change, our perceptions of ourselves form in tangled understandings of the past, while our present moments are shaped through what are seemingly momentary framings. But despite this proliferation of information, we seem to lack enhanced capacities to foresee what might be imminent. History and time as debris accrue to such an extent that it’s difficult to see through to anything, as all things appear to evolve through multiple complex alternatives, past suppressions, obliterations and extinctions.

What does the continuous accretion of transformation and variance look like, or even mean?

Photographs, the artist.

© Peter Westwood 2020